Finding Butterflies Provides Deep Listening

"Steeped in the classics from 1985 to 1640, Finding Butterflies serves up psychedelia and theatricality à la Kate Bush, Monteverdi, Heart and Steve Howe. Deep listening available here."

Ryan Seaton, NYC Composer/Musician, Bessie Award Nominee, and member of Callers

Hard Cold Rain Reminds the Listener they are not alone

Finding Butterflies' "Hard Cold Rain" ushers a sullen melody that reminds the listener that no trouble lasts forever. The calming and soothing rain melts away any suffering. This feeling is best reflected from the layers of tranquil vocals and lilting guitar. The interjections of instrumental solos emulate different levels of emotions associated with contemplating negative experiences that eventually transform into positive outcomes. Like waking from a sound sleep to a bright new day. "Hard Cold Rain" details many specific experiences in the healing process that many may share. After listening to the song, the listener feels that they are not alone. Listen to Finding Butterflies' "Hard Cold Rain" anytime you need encouragement or reassuring words to push you though any adversity. 

The gentle vocals and the music greatly compliment each other. The lyrics accurately snap pictures of many emotional instances and actions that come with the journey of tribulations and recovery. You can clearly envision the metaphors. Sometimes, you feel like walking out into the rain to cry or scream. "I want the hard cold rain to beat me down ’til there’s nothin’ left". I immediately thought of the many times that I went out into the rain to escape the feeling of numbness. The hard rain literally beats on your head and drenches you. "And if the air is still, I’ll go on breathing. I won’t run for cover or hide away ‘cause my head’s up, even in the pouring rain". You go inside with soaking, wet clothes and revitalized enough to move on. The physical experience of the hard rain episode transforms the negative thoughts you may have had into liberation. The audience who loves lyrics with depth should love this song because it encapsulate a period(s) of time and evokes the emotions with that specific time.  

Ptotia Furlow, Classical Vioinist, Educator, and Music Mentor

Comments from Fans

"Magical..." "When the music started, I turned up the volume." "Really great melody... Close your eyes and just listen..." Will make your day..."A most welcome new sound...""I like the fact the music has a Jon Anderson feel to it." "Excellent folk voice and rhythm... “Lovely! I had to come over to the computer to see who was playing...""Great vocals....compliments the music really well..." "Love the instruments." "Elevating the energy...keep it up you're making things better...”"Sweet wonderful voice!!!!" "Butterflies Forever..." “I love this song…” “Awesome…” “Nice to see some upcoming bands with talent…” “ Beautiful vocals, a fresh approach to folk, like it”..."I am not joking at all when I say that i love this song!" "Love the vocals and instrumental...keep up the good work"... "nice arrangement.. well done...reminds me of Heart in the '70s..." "Pleasing instrumental accompaniment...angelic voice." “What a beautiful song. Many thanks…” “Love the voices and lyrics…”"Love it" “love your style, harmonies, and class...” “man, I love the whistle...” “...Lisa’s voice is so pure…” "…the lyrics are pure poetry…" "…the combination of instruments is unique & uplifting…" "…it grooves…" "…a unique & refreshing sound… "Lovely. Kind of a combination of folk & Celtic…" "…Make More…" "Wonderful" "Beautiful Melodies & Harmonies" "Wow...different in a nice way" "The words are beautiful." “...great vocals compliment the music really well..."...Cool..." " is the best thing..."folky...melodic...I really like this..."...I love your songs and I can't wait to hear some more...""...Just beautiful..." "...Love Them...."

Words of Praise for City of Peace

"Music speaks to us at many levels of consciousness. In its most accessible form it washes over us as we relax and passively submit to the beauty and comfort. City of Peace is quite effective in that sense with the great track, soaring angelic vocals and brilliant guitar solo. But look deeper to appreciate the Lennon-esque lyrics; for example, "I'll give my hand to you though I don't see your point of view. And I'll take one last walk down an empty road with you." What could be more timely and relevant?"

Dr. Rex Bell, Jazz Pianist, Composer, and Owner, Infrared Studio

Mortal Wounds - Seventies Inspired Wistfulness

Finding Butterflies's sound trembles inside its sentimental melodies with a dramatic sense of emotion and longing, as their Mortal Wounds winds around listeners with circuitous phrases and vibrato-rich vocals, introducing airy, avant-garde elements like woodwinds, a starry surprise inside the song's guitar-led, soft Folk-Rock format. Fluttering, and subtly heavy in its drumming, heavy with heartache and a touch of fire, Mortal Wounds is a multifaceted track featuring beautiful instrumental work, and emphatic vocals, with a strong sense of 70's inspired wistfulness for anyone and everyone searching for retro-passionate slow-burner.  Mortal Wounds showcases some truly lovely guitar playing, backed up by thoughtful keys and well placed woodwinds for a nice sonic spread of harmonies, giving listeners a much more intriguing composition than your standard three-chord fare. The track's drumming is tight and serves well as the driving force in the song's development, with the percussion's switch in complexity and intensity marking an obvious turning point at approximately 1.04, lending a 'rock' edge to the previously more ethereal, folky mix. With an instrumental break at 2.28 that spreads luxuriously to treat the ears, the song is equal parts languid and purposeful, its sorrowful poetic lyrics full of high language, and delivered in determined, independent female vocals, tenderly layered to polish off Mortal Wounds as a carefully crafted piece.

-Mary Wildsmith, FM Radio DJ, Radio Producer, and Advocate for New and Indie Artists

Latest Release

"There is something unequivocally unique about Finding Butterflies."

Managing to effortlessly blend elements of prog and traditional Celtic folk styles together with both aplomb and a striking sense of grandiose, "Iron Cross" is an undeniably inspired piece of songwriting that combines accomplished performances with an exhilarating sense of uniqueness. Finding Butterflies clearly aren't afraid to push their musical boundaries into almost ethereal levels of harmonic experimentation, resulting in an invigorating piece that's full of nuanced melodic detail and striking complexity.

There is something unequivocally unique about Finding Butterflies, so much so that you simply can't help but find yourself being instantly swept up in the harmonically rich musical soundscape that they have crafted in "Iron Cross". This particular track showcases the duo's deeply layered and texturally diverse songwriting style brilliantly and manages to strike a perfect balance between its eclectic mix of styles. The delicate interweaving of elements from prog, rock, and Celtic folk have become synonymous with Lisa and Don's sound, and it's fascinating to hear these subtle genre nods interspersed throughout, from the Celtic inspired woodwind to the rock guitar lead solo flourishes, the result is a textured and thematically rich soundscape that's filled to the brim with a stunning amount of tonal and timbral diversity. As you would expect with a Finding Butterflies tune, the performances are extremely accomplished, Lisa's vocal delivery is nothing short of epic in its execution, not only are the harmonies intricately crafted but they have an almost celestial quality to them that is wildly mesmerizing. A soaring lead vocal performance is backed by Don's impressive multi-instrumentalist talents, offering up a sophisticated and varied musical backdrop that matches Lisa's equal musical dexterity perfectly. "Iron Cross" is a journey, one that requires an attentive ear and keen musical disposition in order to fully appreciate its conceptually and thematically fascinating traits.

Andre Avanessian, Free Lance Session Musician, Composer, Sound Engineer, & Self-Confessed "Guitar Nerd" residing in the UK