...I think they may have created a whole new genre...”

— Rex Bell, Owner Infrared Studio

Musically, the rock and classical worlds hold the most sway over the progressive sound of the pair, but a love of folk melodies especially those of Celtic traditions has also found its way into the heart of their music.  Lisa elaborates on the inspirations for each song by saying, “we, as beings who reason and feel, were meant to breathe life into the stories we are given, and really, the songs we write simply tell a story.  Consequently, the listener has a role to play in our music.  All of our songs are about someone’s becoming."  So it would seem that each song is about a metamorphosis, and therein, one can discover a metaphor for what drives Finding Butterflies. 

From Don’s days as guitarist and vocalist for Third Stone to Lisa’s more traditional education in the classical world, the pair has shared significant success both there as well as with Zao, a group who earned both local and regional popularity with their high energy rock shows.  As members of Zao, the pair “cut their songwriting chops” with such fan favorites as Unsung Hero, Fire, and Lost Without You, and then went on to write and perform acoustic favorites such as There Will Be Change, One More Time, and Edges.  Lisa also enjoyed success conducting and arranging for the North Little Rock High School Jazz Band, while Don moved into the world of audio and recording technology to gain experience which now enables the pair’s innovative music. Indeed, these varied experiences as well as the duo’s extensive travels in North America and Europe have influenced the pair as they have become Finding Butterflies.  

As for artists who have influenced the pair, Don's sound and style are most definitely rooted in the musical musings of Richie Blackmore, Steve Howe, and Steve Morse.  Lisa's eclectic background makes pinpointing an influence more difficult.  She has listened extensively to Kansas, Yes, Heart, Led Zeppelin, and Rush from the rock genre, Brazilian Jazz Artist Angelina Assad, the Beatles and of course a bevy of Irish singers, though when Lisa is asked about influences, she laughs and says, "I don't really sound like any of them."  Her current favorite from the classical genre is Renee Fleming. Lisa's favorite flutists are Emmanuel Pahud, William Bennett, James Galway, and of course, Ian Anderson.  Her favorite whistler is Kathleen Keane. 

Finding Butterflies was delighted to present their first offering in March 2017 - an EP aptly entitled "Finding Butterflies."   A second release entitled "Crows" was released on 7 February 2018, with Lisa admitting the darker nature of the second EP. After the release of Crows, the pair followed with 3 more singles Never Was, a single written for Lisa's father was released mid-April 2018, and in May 2018, the duo released We'll Remember. Lisa describes We'll Remember as a traveling song, full of joy and perfect for summer adventures. In December the duo released Naming Dead Cats and then followed with the release of Hard Cold Rain in February 2019. 2019 also saw the release of City of Peace. Lyrics for each song can be found on the Lyrics page of the Finding Butterflies website.