I suppose most of the songs from the first EP, as well as the songs from the upcoming 2nd Release, have an autobiographical component to them.  "I'm mad as hell and I am NOT going to take this anymore."  The message of "You Will Know Me" is just that.  When the song revealed itself, I had been thinking about toxic relationships, specifically, my disenchantment with government inefficacy and abuse of power.  The song is really a protest song inspired by the words in the Declaration of Independence especially where the authors asserted that those in power should maintain a "decent respect for the opinions of mankind."  The authors declare that those in power rule only with the "consent of the governed", and thus, the authors also challenge "we the people"  to hold our leaders accountable. When I think about the bridge -  "The price of my defiance is far above rubies" - the lyrics seem especially timely right now with the level  of intelligent discontent being expressed by the public, especially women, minorities, and those who stood against the Dakota Access Pipeline.  The flute melody in the bridge is meant to echo the lyric and evoke a defiant spirit.  I wanted that melody to be presented by the flute or whistle rather than guitar or keyboards as I thought the statement of defiance would be even more effective when played by an instrument associated with sweetness and a soft quality.  This melody appears again at the end of the song as if to remind the listener to remain steadfast, this time in a 2 part canon format.  The frenzy of the lead guitar shouts its defiance with "hands thrown into the air" while the flute melody, in never ending canon form, calmly and methodically asserts that feet are firmly planted and this is the "way that I stand." 

Lyrics for You Will Know Me

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