The storyboard for our video was developed long before the video shoot itself. We knew we wanted to include two dancers on an empty road, animations detailing some of the scenes described by the lyrics, and shots of us on an empty stage.  As production for the video progressed and the different pieces came together, we began to think of "memory" as a character in the video rather than just a thing we all have.  So, when you see sections of the video where photographs are falling upward rather than downward and where the sky is lavender and I am blue, we are truly trying to represent the imperfection of memory.  Humans rarely remember any event EXACTLY as it was. The animations were also important to the overall video in that their fabricated nature did much to contribute to our idea of how we may remember things.  In the beginning of the video you see the red car with a guitar on top of the luggage with no case; of course, we would never travel with a guitar that way, but the idea of simply throwing the guitar on top and taking off on a road trip did indeed help contribute to the overall spontaneity we tried to create with the lyric.  The dancers lent themselves to that spontaneity as well and helped with a dreamy effect in some sequences. These layered and dreamy sequences were meant to represent the foggy and somewhat incomplete nature of memory. In contrast, the exaggerated colors were used to convey the vividness that sometimes accompanies a memory. Our desire to use a somewhat empty stage is linked to memory as well in that it's usually in moments of quiet reflection, and when are brains are the most clear, that our memories are most likely to present themselves.  And of course, music and it's strong link to sense perception may also serve to conjure a memory from our subconscious.  It was also important to have the alternating sequences of us on stage and the dancers and animations, with the latter representing memory, to the former's reality.  You can see the video on our YouTube Channel, Facebook page, our website, or on Instagram TV.


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