Open Road

We’ll Remember is a traveling song and was inspired by the multiple adventures we have both had while touring the US, Canada, and Europe.  Every morning you wake up with the prospect of new adventures and the excitement that only “new” can bring.  The smell of diesel and the sound of buses gearing up day and night, the taste of new and exotic foods, the sights of varied landscapes passing you by, the feel of rubber on the road and wind in your hair, and the drone of white noise made possible by the sealed windows of the vehicle all do much to create a sensory experience which will find itself indelibly written on one’s memory. The song moves along with a light heart thanks to the key signature and the feel set up by the bass, guitar, and drums while the strings reinforce the feel and provide forward movement to the horizontal fabric of the song.  Of course, the vocals are center stage as the lyric is what conveys the true message of the song.  In the ever changing landscape provided by life on the road, it’s our relationships and our memories that remain constant.  The carefree whistle part contributes to the joyful mood with the ending whistle melody of each chorus providing a nod to the traditional Irish melody, Sally Gardens.  Suggested Summer Reading: On The Road by Jack Kerouac and Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert M. Pirsig.


Lyrics for We'll Remember

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