If you have listened to the lyrics of Naming Dead Cats, you have probably been able to discern that the song is about holding someone's hand during one of life's inevitable hardships.  What you probably still don't know, however, is what the title, Naming Dead Cats, actually means.  This song was written for my Mother. Once upon a time, as the story goes, my Mother fell very ill. I stayed with her in hospital day and night for several weeks; she was very disoriented and did not know who I was.  If I asked her what my name was, she simply could not respond. I kept thinking to myself, "is this all there is"?  "Am I going to lose her"? Can we not just have one more day together laughing and talking as we always have? To collapse the story a bit, after 3 weeks she simply popped out of the fog and said my name. I was in disbelief and began to quiz her on events in our collective lives.  I did not become convinced that my Mother WAS my Mother however, until I began to ask her the names of all the cats I have had.  For your information, that number is fairly significant. She was able to name them all without difficulty and at that moment, I knew she was going to be fine, as she was for many more years. So the song was born out of that moment, where my Mother and I together were, Naming Dead Cats. The song has a plaintive and simple verse which builds through the bridge ending with the raw emotion of the lyric, "will you remember my name."  Vocally the chorus is also fairly simple relying on a powerful lyric and driving guitars to carry forward the message of the song.  The whistle moves with abandon, and the Celtic influence is heard not only with the whistle but also in the lead vocal. The ending solos are where one finally feels the emotional release I felt when my Mother returned to me. 

The video came together quite quickly, probably because my experience of this moment in time is still so vivid. I still feel as if my Mother was visiting another reality of sorts and thus the video suggests that.  The clock and the waterfall run backwards, and the nimble nature of the samurai represents how my mother seemed to fight with herself until the day she popped out of the fog. I suppose "the demons you see" clip and lyric is more literal in meaning, referring to how I so wanted her to return to our reality rather than the one she was making herself.  At the end of the video we decided to use clips of us working on music in order to make the video more personal.  You can see the video on our YouTube Channel, Facebook page, website, or on IGTV.


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Naming Dead Cats Lyric Video

We'll Remember ~ The Video

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