The idea for "Little Bird" actually came to me years ago when first I read the poem "Self Pity" by D.H. Lawrence, but the song did not become concrete until I watched a friend go through a really difficult time.  Though most of us cannot even imagine the circumstances that came together and created this time for her, I never saw her engage in any self pity. I thought to myself, she IS Little Bird, and I sat down at the piano and wrote the song for her. The lyrics are self explanatory.  The whistle part is constantly moving and is meant to represent what I thought a small bird's wings might look like if one wing were broken and yet, the bird continued to try and fly. The whistle tune does seem a little frantic juxtaposed against the vocals, but if you think about what flight is to a bird - it is their way of being - you can imagine how frantic a bird might become if the ability to fly became compromised.  The amazing thing about my friend is that outwardly, I never saw a frantic attempt to do anything though I am sure she may have felt this way on the inside.  At the end of the song the listener will hear an additional whistle tune.  It is more melodic & plaintive, and this is the birdsong of my friend - and it "carries on" despite the frantic nature of the other whistle part and the lead guitar. I can best explain it if I borrow an idea from Maya Angelou - even a wounded bird will still sing. The singing is as much a way of being as the flying.  If any one idea from the song sums up the strength of my friend, this is probably it - "Still you rise though you're tired and your broken wings take you higher."  I don't know for sure, but maybe we are all stronger where the broken places have been pieced back together again. And yes, she does know the song was written for her.



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