It’s hard to ignore the confessional nature of I’ve Been though sin in and of itself is not what the song is really about.  The song is more an admission, an admission that a perfect life seen is not necessarily a perfect life lived, a revelation made in the bridge of the song. We live in a media driven society where manufactured images are proliferated via television, movies, the internet and social media, and thus it’s hard to know what is genuine or authentic anymore.  So for the song, I thought about people and the masks they sometimes wear.  Some may wear a tiara or a red nose, and some may wear their body like an accessory.  Lisa with AppleThere are many variations of this theme, with just as many factors providing impetus for the fiction.  Rather than to dwell on the image, I most often find myself thinking about what lies beneath the facade, and that idea is what truly inspired the song.  Musically, one can probably hear a subtle shade of the blues via the guitar and its use of blues and pentatonic scale fragments.  I chose to use the alto flute over my more commonly chosen whistle in that the sultry and covert nature of the alto flute contributed more to the plaintive nature of the song.  In fact, I first recorded whistle, then when listening back, thought that the alto flute might be a better fit.  The lead vocal in the chorus seems more solitary than some of our other work with only oohs to accompany the lament, and though the Bridge is scored more heavily with vocals, it’s the repetition of “you’ve been sold” that emphasizes the true message of the song.  

Lyrics for I've Been

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