Of course, there are many songs that use rain as a metaphor, and usually the songs equate the rain with a melancholy and depressive state of mind. One of my favorites is Nina Simone's I Think It's Going to Rain Today. For me, I wanted to do something a little different. I wanted to represent what most of us do at one time or another and that is, we keep going, we fight the good fight, even when things are hard and stacked against us. So the the lyric of the chorus, "We don't pass this way but once, I cannot stop and rest", is really the message of the song. Even when the "air is still" or "when night comes", we will not, to borrow from Dylan Thomas, "go gentle into that good night."  The backing vocals in the bridge give a sense of the cyclical nature of things and the whistle employs a pretty melody that is constantly moving like time itself. I love Don's lead work on this track and the guitar is what gives the song it's bluesy tone and yet another texture to what we wrote. The vocals and whistle, as always, are more Celtic or folk in nature. Hard Cold Rain Lyrics

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