The first track on “Crows”, Bones Will Be Broken, was written months before the “me too” movement took shape in the United States, but once that particular struggle was revealed, Don said to me, “You know, Bones Will Be Broken really has a timely message.”  In some way, I guess, through the song,  I made my “me too” statement as well.  Lyrically the song asks “why”, and in my mind that is THE question.  Why does someone have the desire to prey on others in any way. Why is that necessary?  Why is that behavior accepted?  It shouldn’t be, thus the Bridge and the Chorus lyrics as well as the last verse are an anthem for calling out the offenders and standing up to those who would use their position and power to place others in a compromised position.The introduction is full of dissonance created by the ebow on guitar and the alto flute, and this represents the discord one might experience when marginalized in any way. The whistle provides forward momentum to its resolution in the key of C minor where the first verse acknowledges the situation before moving into the defiant tone of the bridge and chorus. This is ownership, and an abusive situation being flipped on its end. History teaches that the inevitable conclusion of subjugation is revolution, and to convey this musically I used a march like theme in the whistle not only to convey solidarity but also movement towards that aforementioned inevitability.  The perpetual motion in the piano contributes to a sense of urgency and also adds to that forward momentum.   Don wanted the guitar to have a a bit of raw energy to balance the more Celtic/classical themes in the whistle and piano, with the optimistic lead solo at the end providing balance to the dissonance created by the ebow in the introduction.



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