The last song on the first EP "As Long As Forever" provides closure for the emotions and experiences revealed in the other three songs.  No matter what life puts in our path - toxic relationships, bitter hurt, and whatever else might challenge our way of being - we will survive all of it - so bring it on.   "When the frozen ground tries to hold us down, we'll lift our voices up to the sky…where love will never die", and  "If the story ends and the villain wins….Let the devil come 'cause here we live."  The whistle tune is happy throughout and moves with abandon as though to have broken free of the constraints applied in You Learn and Little Bird.  I was particularly attached to the vocal melodies throughout this song as I felt as if the melody from verse, bridge, and chorus were all part of the same melodic thought. The lyrics seems to be that way as well - verse, bridge, and chorus come together to be one thought - that "here we live, as long as forever is."  The lyric and all the vocal parts and chords came to me simultaneously.

Lyrics to As Long As Forever 



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